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"Seldovia is a storybook town. Simply beautiful in every way. If I ever visit again, it might be forever."

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Visit Seldovia

Come visit our beautifully situated community by the sea! Be may be overcome by her charm!

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Living Here

A first class city, with shops, restaurants, a
K-12 school, businesses and organizations - you will easily find your place in our community!

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Getting Here

Whether you want to travel by air, or by sea - there are quite a few options to make your way to our lovely community!  We know some folks that come by kayak even!

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Chamber Directory

Details about becoming a member - your questions will be answered here!

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Seldovia Job Opportunities

Chamber of Commerce - 4th of July Event Coordinator
Seldovia, AK Paid
The Chamber of Commerce is seeking an experienced and enthusiastic Event Coordinator to organize an unforgettable 4th of July celebratio...
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4th of July Button Design
Seldovia, AK Volunteer
Be a part of Seldovia history!  Thank you for your interest in designing Seldovia’s 4th of July Celebration “Star Spangled Salmon” souve...
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