Audrey, New Mexico

Accessible only by boat or air, Seldovia is truly a place to unplug.

We happened to be there in time to pick the biggest Alaska blueberries

I've ever seen!  We cannot wait to go back!

Rachel, Alaska

Seldovia is a perfect location for an Alaskan retreat.

If you are interested in experiencing a fine example of rural Alaska

and true Alaskan hospitality, definitely visit Seldovia!

Madalyn & Cutter, Seldovia

Our Seldovia wedding was far greater than my dream wedding expectations.

With the 5 star service and stunning photo location you really couldn't find a more striking place to have your getaway wedding.

Yvette, Seldovia

As a flying family, we love the accessibility of the airport!  It is just a short 15 minute flight from Homer or an hour and a half in our little commuter airplane from Anchorage.

There are so many activities throughout the year for the entire family.

Seldovia is the best piece of paradise we have invested in with our family.

Kerry, New York

Seldovia is a storybook town.

Simply beautiful in every way.

If I ever visit again, it might be forever.