Seldovia's 4th of July Souvenir Button Contest

Last Updated 4/22/2024Posted in seldovia chamber, seldovia

Be a part of Seldovia history!  Thank you for your interest in designing Seldovia’s 4th of July Celebration “Star Spangled Salmon” souvenir button for 2024!   As the biggest event in Seldovia each year, the 4th of July button is a prized souvenir and collector’s piece!  The contest winner will receive $25 cash prize and one 50/50 Raffle Limited Edition button with a chance to win the cash pot!  Only 250 buttons will be made and sold.

Please CLICK HERE to download and print all the details and worksheet!

Seldovia's Salmonberry Delights Sweet & Savory contest
Aug 17, 2024
6:00 PM AKDT
P.O. Drawer F
Seldovia, AK 99663
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