Besides being a great place to visit and a wonderful place to live, there is a growing number of stores that offer the necessities of everyday life to sundries and beautiful gifts and Seldovia made crafts and artwork of all mediums!

Shops, GIfts and Supplies

‚ÄčAlaska Tribal Cache/Seldovia Museum and Visitors Center

Museum and gift shop
Phone:  (907) 234-7898
Contact: Jan & Peggy

Asta Gallery
Local and Alaska Art, gifts and sundries
Phone: (907) 406-0621
Contact: Marina

Crabpot Grocery 
Groceries, fishing tackle, sundries and more
Phone: (907) 234-7435

Contact: Chris and Tata 

Owl's Nest Video & Variety
Phone: (907) 234-2029
Contact: John and Jennifer

Seldovia Harbor Inn Coffee & Gifts
Phone: (907)  202-3095
Contact: Steve & Melissa

Cards & Gifts from your Smartphone!
Phone: (907) 406-0044
Contact: Jenny - Sr. Manager/Referral Partner

Thyme on the Boardwalk 
Garden nursery and gifts along the Historic Boardwalk
Phone: (907) 234-2060

Contact:  Suzie