Besides being a great place to visit and a wonderful place to live, there is a growing number of stores that offer the necessities of everyday life to sundries and beautiful gifts and Seldovia made crafts and artwork of all mediums!

‚ÄčAlaska Tribal Cache/Seldovia Museum and Visitors Center

Museum and gift shop
Phone:  (907) 234-7898
Contact: Jan & Peggy

Asta Gallery
Local and Alaska Art, gifts and sundries
Phone: (907) 406-0621
Contact: Marina

Crabpot Grocery 
Groceries, fishing tackle, sundries and more
Phone: (907) 234-7435

Contact: Chris and Tata 

Owl's Nest Video & Variety
Phone: (907) 234-2029
Contact: John and Jennifer

Seldovia Harbor Inn Coffee & Gifts
Phone: (907)  202-3095
Contact: Steve & Melissa

Cards & Gifts from your Smartphone!
Phone: (907) 406-0044
Contact: Jenny - Sr. Manager/Referral Partner

Thyme on the Boardwalk 
Garden nursery and gifts along the Historic Boardwalk
Phone: (907) 234-2060

Contact:  Suzie 

Shops, GIfts and Supplies