construction and real estate

Looking for help with a remodel, or perhaps building anew?These folks are local builders who know how to get the job done on this side of Kachemak Bay!   We also have two real estate agents in Seldovia to assist you with buying or selling in our beautiful community!

Camel Rock Construction
Phone: (907) 234-7492
Contact: Kirby

Dillon & Dillon Timber & Log Wrights
Custom home design and building in the Seldovia and surrounding areas.
Phone: (907) 234-7858
Contact: Tim 

Hugh Smith, Contractor
Phone: (907) 234-7678

Contact: Hugh

Kachemak Group Real Estate
Phone:  (907) 205-7963

Contact:  Amelia, Realtor

Seldovia Property
Phone: (907) 234-8000
Contact:  Jenny, Owner/Broker

Winter Watch - Home and Boat maintenance and repair
Phone: (907) 406-0775
​Contact: Paul “Sonny”